Laminate Flooring


“Its performance is its moneymaker!”


The Value

Today’s floors are expected to handle the wear and tear of a family, pets, environmental conditions, etc. When choosing a new floor for your family home, it is very essential to focus on flooring that is able to perform very well for years on end with little maintenance. Not losing its durability or luster by remaining undamaged from spills, scuffs, scratches, stains is a standard for homes nowadays, especially with high foot-traffic.

AquaProof Arden Waterproof Solid Polymer Core Room Scene
Look at Arden’s dark, crisp wood-engineered laminate planks!


Why Laminate?

Laminate flooring is able to provide very high durability and performance. The demand is skyrocketing as performance becomes a top consideration for consumers. This demand has grown since the COVID-19 outbreak, as consumers are working from home, kids were forced to get used to a “remote learning” curriculum, as well as play indoors away from others. So it became very essential for flooring products and installations to have high-duty surfaces to live on.

Lighthouse from the AquaProof Collection.


The consumer is now prioritizing floors that are durable, low-maintenance and enduring. Gratefully, today’s laminate products are up to the task, offering excellent performance without sacrificing style. Laminate flooring was designed to perform extremely and be scratch, scuff and dent resistant. This makes laminate flooring ideal for people with pets and all that comes with that, or active kids playing on the floor or rolling their toys.


WaterProof Premium Floors
Safe for your family and beloved pets! No mess, low maintenance.


Waterproof too?!

The durability of laminate flooring is so prominent, that the move to make waterproof/resistant options highly increased as well. This allows consumers to consider laminate flooring for their bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-moisture, damp areas. Having these functional attributes while maintaining a wood-engineered beautiful surface, laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular amongst today’s homeowners.

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