Did You Know, Floors Expand?


Hardwood Floor Expansion – Happy Fun Fact Flooring Fridays! Did you know floors expand and contract based on the atmospheric environment? Humidity is the main factor that changes how floors expand or shrink. But how and why is this the case? 

Wood is a natural product and as such expands and contracts with changes in atmospheric conditions. Solid wood floors take in moisture (expand) when there is a high level of humidity in the air and let that moisture go (contracts) when the humidity reduces. 

Larchmont of Modern Deluxe Collection
Larchmont of Modern Deluxe Collection


Humidity Tips

Depending on the area, hardwood floors should be kept at a relative humidity level of 40% – 55% to ensure successful long-term performance of your wood flooring. But does this phenomenon only happen to hardwood floors? What about engineered wood floors? While engineered hardwood is more moisture-resistant than solid wood, it does still expand. This means that when purchasing or deciding on the type of floor for your new home or commercial space, the consumer should be conscious of the external environment and how it may affect your floors.

Watch Out for Winter!

The climate should always be in question when thinking about humidity and moisture in our home. Depending on your home area, under normal conditions,  humid summers rarely have a negative effect on wood floors. Winter, however, is another story. Not only is there less humidity in the colder air, but our heating systems and furnaces tend to dry out the air inside our homes. In short—winter is the time when damage to your hardwood floors is most likely.

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