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DIY VS. Professional Installation


It’s all about its performance!


DIY on the Rise

Are you more of a ‘do-it-yourselfer’? Or you’d rather have your projects done for you? This is what separates the DIY crowd from the average audience. The DIY culture has risen in the midst of COVID-19 March 2020. Then trending popularity, proving to be cost effective while providing hobbies for many to keep busy during global quarantine. Growing weary of letting strangers in their home as well as going into stores, consumers feared possibly contracting the virus they knew little about. 

The New Generation is Independent

Companies have noticed that the DIY audience consists of particularly young households, which are more likely to use online resources. And while the DIY trend has proven to be useful, it is important to remember that flooring can become a tedious task and you save much more time allowing professionals to handle the job rather than leaving it in inexperienced hands. A Bank of America poll reported that more than 70 percent of homeowners planned to take on home improvement projects last year.

You Can Get Hurt! Just pay the people.

The DIY trend may also be a liability issue, as different tools become necessary for different floors. Professional preparation and skill is needed to execute any installation, especially flooring. The younger generation of homeowners are provided the option of DIY, however older generations do not favor online help or instructions, which would make the task more of a costing-liability.

To waive any injuries or wasted time trying to do it yourself, most would be better off hiring a team to help out. This will provide you with a peace of mind. The team will get the job done faster than following online steps. Further installation guidelines for our floors can be found here.

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Shop Smarter, Not Harder

You may save a lot of time, energy and a couple of bucks by letting flooring specialists install your floors. You should save DIY for another occasion, not to install hardwood floors. In the meantime, check out our Hardwood Floors and we can help find a retailer near you to professionally install your floors. Click here.

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